Custom Logo Design: website branding, small business and boutique branding design
Custom Logo Design: website branding, small business and boutique branding design
Custom Logo Design: website branding, small business and boutique branding design
Custom Logo Design: website branding, small business and boutique branding design
Custom Logo Design: website branding, small business and boutique branding design

Custom Logo Design: website branding, small business and boutique branding design


Custom Logo Design is a full service logo design package. The scope of package is to create a single (primary) logo design for your business. To receive additional assets such as watermark, monogram or alternative design for social media or branding purpose, please visit Complete custom logo design. Please contact me before placing an order to confirm the cost and scope of your logo design project.

To get a quote for your logo design project, please provide me with the following information -

1. name and type of business or purpose of the logo design,
2. how the logo will be used,
3. your timeline for needing the logo, and
4. which type/style of the logo you have in mind

Please e-mail me your response at I will get back to you with a quote within one business day.

Process of a custom logo design

Below you will find the general process for a custom logo and identity design, a personal logo, or a wedding monogram design project and what to expect when you work with me. Please note when you make a payment and place your order you agree and understand fully the Terms and Policies of The Paris Studio.

1. Discovery: Listen, learn & research

You will not be asked to fill a form with 99 questions as I do not believe in a sort of one-for-all Q & A. I will ask lots of questions tailored specifically to what your business is or who your target audience is. We start our Discovery phase by learning about your business, your product or service, your customer and target audience, and/or whoever we are designing for (if it's a personal or wedding logo). Before we move on to the design phase, we will brainstorm and get all the questions answered in order to define our objective with a clear set of criteria. At the end of Discovery phase, a summary of requirements and preferences expressed by you as well as from my research will be our guide in creating the logo for you.

A creative process is a collaborative one, so please expect to participate in the process and provide feedbacks and express your ideas the best you can, while taking sufficient time to consider each and every element that comes into our discussion. The more information you provide at this stage, the better I will meet your expectation and the more productive we will be.

2. Design

There are several factors when it comes to ensuring the success of a creative project - the exploratory effort, research, and open communication between us.  For a common ground that's fair to both of us, I provide an initial estimate and assess the amount of time and revisions needed based on my experience and your needs. Whether or not additional effort or time will be needed, can only be determined during the course of the project. Normally the  custom logo design project includes 2-3 design concepts, followed by 3 rounds (maximum) of reviews/revisions based on the selected concept. If additional concepts/revisions are to be explored the design fees will be adjusted accordingly.

3. Review
During the review process you will be presented with concepts created based on the requirements or criteria concluded at the end of Discovery phase. No creative projects are exactly the same therefore you may choose to explore one of the concepts further, or combine elements to create a new concept. The revision process works as an eliminating method - namely narrowing down options in order to reach the desired outcome. You will be guided to provide specific feedbacks with a clear focus on one selected direction/concept in order for us to revise and create the final design.

A note on revision - on average most projects of mine are concluded with less than three revisions; rarely am I asked to provide more than three initial concepts when we start the design process. If you find yourself with lots of ideas and needing to see more than three initial concepts (therefore more revisions) it's recommended you purchase Premium option included with five initial concepts and five revisions. Unexpected situations may rise if you have decided to go with a different direction than what was initially discussed, or decide to try out a new color scheme, or element which has not yet been explored during Discovery Phase. An assessment will be made depending on the new direction, as a result of additional time and extended process, additional charges may apply. If you feel your specific project will demand an in-depth exploration when we start, I am happy to accommodate your needs and adjust the work flow as needed.

*Basic package (from $499) provides up to three concepts and three revisions.

*Premium package (from $699) provides up to five concepts and five revisions.

*Additional concept/revision can be purchased if needed for $99 each.

4. Deliverable
The final delivery will be in PDF, JPG, and PNG and it will be emailed to you at the end of the process. Please note ONLY the final approved version will be prepared and sent to you, and you are granted the right to use the logo that you have selected as the final design.

The delivery pack includes:

*1 PDF file of the logo in 300 DPI
*1 PNG format of the logo (on transparent background)
*1 JPG format of the logo
The source file in EPS or PSD can be included upon request.

5. Timeframe
The process for a custom design logo takes about 3 to 5 business days. A rush order may be processed for extra fees.

Questions? E-mail me at

Please visit Store Policies before placing an order. Thank you.