What Type of Logo Design You Are Looking For

A. Types of logo design -

To help us identify the type of logo design you have in mind, there are a few common types of logos below (and what we call them) - 

1. Wordmark - a typographic (text only) logo that spells out the name of the business. Example, Google and facebook.

2. Lettermark - a monogram logo that's using a company's initials for simplicity. Example, HBO, CNN, FedEx and many others.

3. Logo Symbol - a graphic-based icon that is recognizable and unique to stand alone, while it can be part of a Combination Logo Mark (with the business name) if needed. Example, Apple and Target.

4. Combination Mark - a logo with both graphic icon and typographic (text) element combined. In some cases, the graphic icon can be used alone as Logo Symbol when the brand is recognizable. Example, Adidas and Lacoste.

5. Emblem Logo - sometimes called seals or crests, it is a logo where the text of the logo is integrated into the overall logo symbol. Example as seen below Harley-Davidson and Starbucks.

B. The Styles of logo design (for the purpose of direction) are categorized as such - 

1. Hand Drawn Style - the hand drawn style of logo (as shown in my logo collection) has the appearance of hand drawn quality as if it's drawn on paper then scanned into the computer. However, keep in mind it's only a style as quite often it is entirely created on the computer or on the iPad.

2. Vintage Style - the vintage style logo (as it is loosely grouped in my logo collection) is created with a certain historic or aesthetic theme in mind and is commonly reflected in the typeface and graphic elements used in the design.

3. Watercolor Style - hand drawn or painted elements are used in the watercolor style logo design. As the watercolor element is digitalized as rasterized graphics, watercolor style logo is often non-vector.


C. Typeface

The style of the logo design gives us a better sense for the direction of typeface used in the logo design. However it's entirely possible to create a mix of watercolor style logo icon with a hand drawn style typeface or vice versa.

Not to be overly simplified, below are some typographic styles of logo design as we will be discussing them in the Discovery phase - 

As we move along there will be more specific discussions in terms of typefaces and selection within specific style of typefaces or fonts.

For a more detailed classification in typographic styles

When requesting for a quote, please provide me with the types and styles of the logo design as well as any typographic styles you have in mind, with these loosely defined terms above. This will help us both in clarifying the direction and a jump start into the Discovery phase. Look forward to hearing from you!