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Welcome to The Paris Studio! My name is Katherine, an American designer living in France, with 20+ years experiences in digital and interactive design. It's my goal to make the logo design process both easy and affordable for entrepreneurs everywhere - as of 2017 I have worked with businesses in over 30 countries across the globe.

The Paris Studio offers a variety of logo design packages starting from $19. Some of our basic packages can be delivered on the same business day, if purchased during our business hours (9am-5pm M-F Paris local time). If you are interested in our Custom Logo Design services, please find a summary of our packages below for more details.

Please contact me with any questions and I look forward to working with you! ~Katherine

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HOW TO ORDER a Pre-made Logo at The Paris Studio  

Chances are you've arrived here via Pinterest or Google search, or found my work online from my portfolio sites or my blogs. Please note the design you have found online may not be available for sale if it's a custom logo design made for a previous client. Some logo design examples are created for advertising or demonstrating our various packages therefore are not for sale. While pre-made logo designs are VERY affordable, if you have a little more to invest we recommend custom logo design packages to create a one of a kind and unique logo for your business. You may also customize a pre-made logo concept with Concept Logo Design. When a pre-made logo design has not yet been sold, it can also be purchased exclusively (sold once only) as found in the OOAK section. If you purchase a pre-made logo, please note that it can be re-sold and non exclusive. For more info on premade logo purchase please visit FAQs.

To find out if a design is available for sale and to receive a quote, please email me at - order@ParisStudio36.com with the business name (to be used in the design), a little background of the business and the use of the logo (web, print, etc), most importantly a link or a screenshot to your choice of the logo design. You will be advised for the package/service needed; a quote and payment instruction will be provided for you to make a payment and place an order.

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$49 (Basic) | $69 (Premium)
OOAK Logo Designs are priced individually

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FALL 2017 Pre-made Logo SALE
Don't miss our Logo Sale on selected pre-made logo designs
$19 - 29 (Basic) | $39 - 49 (Premium)

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To qualify, the order needs to be placed during our business hours:
9am-5pm M-F Paris local time
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WHAT'S INCLUDED with a pre-made logo design
  • replace business name in the premade logo design
  • adjust positioning or scale of the overall premade logo design (based on your text)
  • removing tagline or element in a premade logo design if it's not needed
  • one revision for Basic Option, or two revisions for Premium Option


HOW TO CUSTOMIZE a pre-made logo design

When a pre-made logo is sold at the price listed AS IS - there is no customization of the design included with your purchase. You receive the logo design with the business name replaced. Some minor changes related to the text (font or color) can be made with Add-On purchase. While pre-made Logos are to be sold as non-exclusive designs, you may customize a pre-made logo to make it more unique to your style. To further customize a pre-made logo design, we recommend Concept Logo Design (see details below).

Your Logo Review will be sent to you on the same business day if you order is placed during our business hours 9am to 5pm Paris local time, Monday to Friday. The final logo files can be sent to you as soon as the design is approved. If your order is placed on the weekend please expect delivery on the next business day.

* 1 PNG file on transparent background
* 1 JPG file on white background
* 1 PDF file on transparent background
* Source file (PSD or EPS) available for Premium package only
* All 300 PDI.
* Sent by email 

If you don't like the font (or color of the text) used in a pre-made logo design, you can easily replace it with a font of your choice (with an Add-on purchase $10 per request). To choose a font, please take a look at my font board on Pinterest. To pick a color for the text, please use colorpicker.com. Please remember to include your font choice or the color hex code along with your order. For more on customizing a pre-made logo design >

Add-On Pricing
$30 additional revision
$30 Photoshop or Illustrator source file
$30 watermark (a second set of files PDF / PNG in white)
$10 font change
$10 text color change

Got more questions? If you are new to pre-made logo purchase and need more clarification, please be sure to visit Pre-made Logo FAQs

 ***** By placing an order on TheParisStudio.com you understand and agree to the process and service included with your purchase and our Store Policies. *****
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Summary of ALL Logo Design Packages

At The Paris Studio we believe there is more than one way to purchase a logo, no matter what your budget is. In addition to our fast growing Pre-made Logo collection, we offer Custom Design Logo service starting at $499. Below is a summary of each package for comparison and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions! 

Starting in winter 2017, we offer three different options to create a logo design for you -

1. Pre-made Logo Design (from $19)

Ordering instructions above.

Estimated time: same/next business day
Design options provided: 1
Revision: 1 or 2 depending on your purchase option


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2. Concept Logo Design (from $299 - see package)

Perfect for customizing a pre-existing logo design concept.

Estimated time: 1-3 business days
Design options provided: 1 (up to 3 variations)
Revision: 2-3


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3. Custom Logo Design (from $499 - see package)

A Custom Logo Design is a process with in-depth survey of your business and target audience to create a fresh logo design for your business.

Estimated time: 3-5 business days
Design options provided: 3-5 depending on your purchase option
Revision: 3-5 depending on your purchase option


* NEW! Complete Custom Logo Design (from $999 - see package)

A Complete Custom Logo Design is an extension to our Custom Logo Design package to accommodate increasingly visible online marketing/branding needs in today's business world. The process is identical to Custom Logo Design package with additional assets (watermark, monogram icon and social media banners) so your business has a matching identity across all platforms.

Estimated time: 5-7 business days
Design options provided: 3
Revision: 5


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Terms & Policies

*Payment must be paid in full before any work is performed. 

**Please visit the specific logo design package interested to learn about the process and what's included with the package before placing an order.

***All logo design packages require pre-purchase consultation for confirmation of pricing and project scope. Please contact me for a quote before placing an order.

By placing an order on TheParisStudio.com you understand and agree to the process and service included with your purchase and our Store Policies.