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Welcome to The Paris Studio! I have many exciting new packages to share with you in 2017 and it's my goal to make the logo design process easier and more affordable for entrepreneurs everywhere. Don't miss our Daily Logo Deals below if you are shopping for a pre-made logo!
  • Deal of the Day features one pre-made logo every day at 50% of the regular price.
  • Daily Logo showcase a new logo design daily at $10 only!
  • Pre-Made LOGO SALE with free add-ons to accommodate different needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • DIY Logo Download is now moved to a new Etsy shop

Finally, all new pre-made logos in 2017 will come with a few font or design variations for greater flexibility across industries. Look forward to working with you! ~Katherine

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Already know what you like from our pre-made logo collection?

If you like to place an order for a pre-made logo design AS IS, please follow the instructions below to place your order. To learn about different ways you can customize a pre-made logo design or our custom logo design services, please review the packages after the Pre-made Logo ordering instructions. 

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HOW TO ORDER a Pre-made Logo at The Paris Studio  

To place your order please email me at - me@madamelevasseur.com with your business name and a link to your choice of the logo design, a Paypal payment link will be sent to you shortly to make a payment (no Paypal account is needed). Upon receiving your payment and order, we'll start working on the design for you. 

What's included with a Pre-made Logo purchase
One revision is included for Basic Option ($39 USD). To change font or color of the text used in the design, you may purchase an Add-on ($10), or you may purchase the Premium Option ($59 USD) with one change (font or color of the text) and TWO revisions included.

All pre-made logos are sold AS IS - which means no customization of the artwork is included with a pre-made logo purchase. Minor adjustments such as positioning or scale will be made based on the length of your business name, free of charge. If your business name is too long or too short for your choice of design, please consult with us before placing your order. If you like to customize the artwork, please check out Concept Logo Design ($299 USD) or Pay As You Go DIY Logo Design (from $99 USD) below.

Your Logo Review will be sent to you on the same business day if you order is placed before 6pm Paris local time, Monday to Friday. The final logo files can be sent to you as soon as the design is approved.

* 1 PNG file on transparent background
* 1 JPG file on white background
* 1 PDF file on transparent background
* All 300 PDI.
*Sent by email 

If you don't like the font (or color of the text) used in a pre-made logo design, you can easily change to a font of your choice with an Add-on purchase (for $10 per request). To choose a font, please take a look at my font board on Pinterest. To pick a color for the text, please use colorpicker.com. Please remember to include your font choice or the color hex code along with your order.

ADD-ON SERVICES & PRICING for pre-made logo

$30 additional revision
$30 Photoshop or Illustrator source file
$30 watermark (a second set of files PDF / PNG in white)
$10 font change
$10 text color change

Visit Pre-made Logo Design collection to start selecting process now >>>

Have questions still? If you are new to pre-made logo purchase and need more clarification, please visit Pre-made Logo FAQs


 ****By placing an order on TheParisStudio.com you understand and agree to the process and service included. You have read all the information on the package purchased and our Store Policies


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Our Logo Design services at a glance

At The Paris Studio we believe there is more than one way to purchase a logo, no matter what your budget is. In addition to a ever growing Pre-made Logo collection, we offer Custom Design Logo service starting at $99. Below is a summary of each package for comparison and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions! 

To get started, there are 6 different ways to create your logo with us:

1. Pre-made Logo Design

Pre-made logo designs are created to be sold more than once, therefore are non-exclusive. They are more generic and flexible in order to accommodate varying length of text and different type of business. All pre-made logos are sold AS IS - it means with your purchase we only replace the business name part of the logo with purchase. You may order it with one revision ($39), or with two revisions ($59). If a pre-made logo has not been sold previously, you may purchase it as an OOAK Logo (prices vary based on design) and have it retired from the collection. To customize a pre-made logo design so it's more unique to your business, please check out Concept Logo below.

Estimated time: same/next business day
Design options provided: 1
Revision: 1 or 2 depending on the package of your choice.


2. OOAK Logo Design (from $99)

OOAK (One of a kind!) Logo is a pre-made logo that has not yet been sold therefore can be purchased as an exclusive logo design never to be sold again. In other words, when you purchase a OOAK logo, it is remains exclusively yours. The way to purchase OOAK Logos is the same as a Pre-made Logo Design, and there is one complementary revision included. All OOAK logos are sold AS IS.

Estimated time: same/next business day
Design options provided: 1
Revision: 1


3. Concept Logo Design (see package for details)

With Concept Logo package, it is possible to customize the artworks and elements used in the pre-made logo design making it unique and one of a kind. Every design is different in the ways it’s created therefore the time and the cost for customization may vary. To customize a pre-made logo design, please contact me with your ideas for a quote. The Concept Logo package starts at $299.

Estimated time: 1-3 business days
Design options provided: 1 (up to 3 variations)
Revision: 3

4. DIY Instant Download Logo (for details)

Instant Download DIY Logo are Pre-made Logo Design Templates which come in variety of formats: PSD/Photoshop, EPS/Illustrator, PNG or JPG, depending on the design (please contact me to confirm for EPS format). There is no customization service included. You will download the DIY logo file instantly from our Etsy shop after purchase and use the file to make the logo on your own. If you purchase from us directly, please contact me for a Paypal link to place your order. Your logo file will be sent to you by email after payment. DIY Logos only use free fonts which you can download on your own, as opposed to our premade logo designs which normally use professionally design fonts. Some of our pre-made logo designs can be purchased as DIY Logo (however you will need to use your own font), please don't hesitate to ask!

Visit Instant Download Logo collection or our Etsy shop for instant download purchase on weekends.

Estimated time: same/next business day (or instantly from our Etsy shop)
Design options provided: No customization service included

5. Pay As You Go Logo Design (see package details)

Pay As You Go Logo Design is a new way of logo design starting at $99. It's a DIY approach to custom logo design which we create a logo with your choices of font and logo element. The DIY approach streamlines the design process and therefore saves time and lowers the cost for you. Revision ($30 each) is only paid as needed after the initial design. Pay As You Go Logo Designs are created with a pre-made logo element you select from our Pinterest boards, so you have a pretty good idea how your logo design will look like when we start. For this reason almost no (or few) revision will be needed. Check out this Illustrated Example for more details.

Estimated time: 1 business day
Design options provided: 1
Revision: 0 (Pay As You Go - $30 per revision)


6. Custom Logo Design (see package for details)

Complete Custom Logo Design package is a comprehensive logo design service to create a logo freshly from concept - after a discovery phase and in-depth survey of your business. The cost for a Custom Logo Design starts at $499 and please contact with details of your logo concept for a quote.

Estimated time: 3-5 business days
Design options provided: 3
Revision: 3

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Terms & Policies

*Payment must be paid in full before any work is performed. 

**Please visit the specific Package page interested to learn about the process and what's included with the package before placing an order.

***All custom logo design packages require pre-purchase consultation for pricing and project detail. Please contact me for a quote before placing an order.

****By placing an order you understand and agree to the process and service included. You have read all the information on the package purchased and our Store Policies

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