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Welcome to The Paris Studio! My name is Katherine, an American artist & designer living in France. With 20+ years in digital and interactive design I am happiest in my studio making the logo design process both easy and affordable for entrepreneurs everywhere - as of 2019 I have worked with businesses in over 35 countries around the world.

The Paris Studio offers logo design packages from €10 (DIY & Pre-made logos). Pre-made and DIY logos can be delivered on same business day, if purchased on weekdays 9am-5pm Paris local time. If you are interested in Custom Logo Design services, please find a summary below and visit Custom Logo Design section for more details.

I am more than happy to help with choosing the right logo design/package for your business or clarify if anything is unclear. Please contact me by email or live chat during business hours. I look forward to working with you! ~Katherine


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HOW TO ORDER a Pre-made Logo at The Paris Studio

Our Logo Design Library showcases the type of projects/clients we have the pleasure of working with over the years. Because of the size of our collection, please send us the logo design you are interested to confirm the cost and receive a quote. If you found a design you like to purchase via Pinterest or one of my blogs, it is possible it has already been sold exclusively (see our Previous Custom Logo Projects) therefore no longer available for sale. If a pre-made logo has not yet been sold, you may be able to purchase it as a OOAK logo so it will not be sold again. To find out if a logo design has been sold and to receive a quote, please follow the following steps -

1. Find out if the logo you like to order is available for sale. Please email us - order@ParisStudio36.com with the following -

  • your business name/tagline (to be used in the design)
  • the type of business and the use of the logo (web, print, etc), any specific format needed,
  • *most importantly* a link or a screenshot of the logo

You will hear from us within one business day with confirmation of cost and payment instruction to place an order.

2. Review what's included with your purchase below, including the number of revision, file formats and what can be customized. Please also be sure to review our Store Policies before placing an order. If you are new to making pre-made logo purchase online, please also review FAQs.

3. All pre-made logo designs are sold AS IS - there is no customization included with a BASIC pre-made logo purchase - you will receive the logo design with the business name replaced. If you need font or color (of the font) replacement with your order, Premium package (with 2 revisions) is recommended. We recommend Concept Logo Design or a complete Custom Logo Design package if a pre-made logo is not exactly what you have in mindIf you are on a budget, check out the OOAK collection which showcases pre-made logo designs to be sold only once and exclusively to a single client.

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Basic Premium  OOAK
€49 euros
€69 euros
from €99
1 revision
2 revisions 2 revisions
PDF, JPG, PNG formats

PDF, JPG, PNG formats
plus source file

PDF, JPG, PNG formats
plus source file

NO customization included 1x FONT or COLOR replacement included* 1x FONT or COLOR replacement included*
Pre-made Logos are non-exclusive and can be re-sold.
If you are interested in a non-exclusive logo design, please visit -
OOAK Logo Designs (sold once only & exclusively).
*please any indicate at the time of purchase
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 Don't miss our Weekday Pre-made Logo SALES
Daily Logo Design from €19. Weekday only!

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WHAT'S INCLUDED with a pre-made logo design
  • replace business name in the premade logo design
  • adjust positioning/size of text (based on your business name)
  • removing tagline in a premade logo design if it's not needed
  • one revision for Basic Option, or two revisions for Premium Option
  • one-time FONT replacement for Premium Option only

Your Logo Review will be sent to you within an hour if your order is placed between 9am - 5pm Paris local time, Monday to Friday. The final logo files can be sent to you as soon as the design is approved. If your order is placed during the weekend/holiday/off hours, please expect delivery on the next business day.

One set of final approved design in the following formats -
* 1 PNG file on transparent background
* 1 JPG file on white background
* 1 PDF file on transparent background
* Source file (PSD or EPS) available for Premium package only. Please note - watercolor and gold foil texture logos are non-vector elements therefore can not be made in EPS format.
* All files 300 PDI.
* Sent by email 

ADD-ON SERVICES (Post Purchase)
Add-on services are rarely needed since the only customizable item in a pre-made logo design is the TEXT. The Basic pre-made logo package does not include any FONT customization; however Premium package includes a one-time FONT or COLOR of the font replacement free of charge (please indicate at the time of your purchase). After purchase if you like to make additional FONT or COLOR of the font replacement, you may purchase Add-On Services. To pick a color for the font, please use colorpicker.com. Please make sure to include your font choice or the color hex code with your orderFor more on customizing a pre-made logo design >

Add-On Pricing
€30 additional revision
€30 Photoshop or Illustrator source file (for format please check in advance)
€30 watermark (a second set of files PDF / PNG in white)
€10 font change (per request)
€10 text color change (per request)

Got more questions? If you are new to pre-made logo purchase and need more clarification, please be sure to visit Pre-made Logo FAQs. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions! 

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 ***** By placing an order with The Paris Studio you understand and agree to the process and service included with your purchase and our Store Policies. All prices and estimated are quoted in euros. *****
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Custom Logo Design Packages

At The Paris Studio we believe your business deserves a professionally designed logo, no matter what your budget is. In addition to our fast growing Pre-made Logo collection (from €49 euros), we offer Custom Design Logo service starting at €499 (euros). Below is a quick look of our custom logo design packages.

Concept Logo Custom Logo 
€499+ euros
€499+ euros
€999 + euros (for  Complete package)
3 revisions
3 revisions (5 for  Complete package)
plus source file
plus source file
1-2 business days 3-7 business days
1 design direction 3 design directions (3-5 for Complete package)
see package
see package



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*Payment must be paid in full before any work is performed. The Paris Studio does not provide any pre-purchase logo preview.

**All logo design packages require pre-purchase consultation for confirmation of pricing and project scope. Please contact me for a quote before placing an order.

By placing an order on TheParisStudio.com you understand and agree to the process and service included with your purchase and our Store Policies.


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